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It was a confusing day like those in winter, the world was a mess, I was in a room full of emptiness, I have to confess, I was lost in time and wondering how far we’ve come…

The world came crashing down on my back, on my deathbed I will pray to the gods and angels, the sky was gray and the wine was like blood, I never imagined I could get to this situation, the pain and emptiness was like night without the moon. I lost everything, lost my whole family to chaos. I just hadn’t lost hope and imagination.

And it was on that night that I thought of creating a whole new world, a community where everyone could be themselves, a more equal and painless world, created in a real government of pure imagination and being able to make everyone enter the rabbit  hole and see a parallel world called Medieval Glory.

We rise together.
We build together.
We grow together.

Are you ready to create this with us?

Gaspar, the magician.