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The wrath of the wicked will perish when the dragon rises from the depths of almior.


In a world filled with discord, where there is no place for peace between the breeds, a story has been told for centuries.

In the time of the ancestors there was a dragon of light with many gifts and powers named Orgoz. It created all breeds and distributed some gifts in order to create the kingdoms. This time, his creation could grow and live peacefully – it was a perfect plan.

Orgoz lived peacefully high in the mountains of Perlundra, a town in the kingdom of Aurior. He lived in a beautiful palace where a mystery intrigued all beings of Ebiron. It was a creature revered and adored for its gifts. There was no one more loved than Orgoz.

That was when the dragon met Adya, a human who made Orgoz fall madly in love and combined with the Ayans a spell capable of making him become a human so he could bond with Adya.

After Orgoz had materialized in his human form, he and Adya had a loving relationship and lived as a beautiful couple. Everyone thought that from then on, peace would reign eternally in Ebiron. But what they did not imagine was that this relationship would usher in the end of peace in Ebiron.

After the relations they had, Adya became a pure celestial being worshiped by all creatures on Ebiron. She was seen as the most beautiful being of all the kingdoms and the inhabitants of the realms used to bow right where she walked.

It was a new and attractive creature that unintentionally stole the attention that was meant only for Orgoz. He, taken by the insanity caused by jealousy, destroyed the entire village of Perlundra, starting an era of chaos and fear between the kingdoms.

After the barbarism committed by Orgoz, he identified a dark side in himself: Arloz. Orgoz knew his shadow and dark side would do anything to stay in power. Seeing the evil that his other side had, Orgoz decided to remove Arloz from himself. When using the spell to free himself from Arloz, to his surprise, his dark side becomes a dragon form just like him.

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