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Discover the world of Ebiron

The wrath of the wicked will perish when the dragon rises from the depths of almior.

Whitelist mint: 04/27 | Public mint: 04/30

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Get in the mood

We prepared a song for you to get in the mood and immerse yourself in the Medieval Glory prologue.


Get to know the history of our kingdom and come and adventure together with us in this world full of mysteries and challenges. Are you ready?

Once Upon a time...

In a world filled with discord, where there is no place for peace between the breeds, a story has been told for centuries.

In the time of the ancestors there was a dragon of light with many gifts and powers named Orgoz. It created all breeds and distributed some gifts in order to create the kingdoms. This time, his creation could grow and live peacefully – it was a perfect plan.

Orgoz lived peacefully high in the mountains of Perlundra, a town in the kingdom of Aurior. He lived in a beautiful palace where a mystery intrigued all beings of Ebiron.

Season 1

A collection of 750 NFTs. You will find a little bit of the world of Ebiron with the breeds, Human, Elves, Dark Elves, Goblin, Ayan, Elun and Godrin.

Bard's tavern

The purpose of the Bard’s Tavern is to further the world of Medieval Glory and fulfill all the wishes and dreams of the community.

The Bard’s Tavern DAO will have an exclusive investment fund to be used in new Medieval Glory projects, events and social actions. 

Here’s how the percentages will be divided:


Primary mint


Secondary market royalty

We created the Bard’s Tavern DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) for you to gather with great minds and thinkers to have a beer and think about the future of the world of Ebiron. It will be a pleasure to have an adventurer like you join our guild and help our world become the universe we’ve always dreamed of.

Medieval Glory is the first fully decentralized virtual medieval and mystical world. It has always been our desire to create something totally new and with infinite possibilities.

You, our adventurer through DAO will be in control of the policies created to determine how the world behaves: For example, content moderation, land policies, auctions, market, tax policy, upcoming releases, among others. Our projects are super ambitious and we want you to be a part of them.

Soon we will share more news about Bard’s Tavern.


Do you want to know where we want to go and what the future of our project will be like? Just read some more.

Dates may change without prior notice. Discover everything in our community.


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Is there a place to buy off of secondaries?

Opensea And Looks Rare

What are your secondary royalty fees?

7% – 25% of royalties will go to Bard’s tavern administration.

What is the total number of tokens?

750 and increasing.

What blockchain?
Is it a game?
Yes, that’s our final wish, the released NFTs will be part of the game.


Meet the people who are making this dream come true.

André Ambrósio

Creator and CEO

Jesse Andrade

Creator and CFO

Thiago Braga

Creator and CMO

Airton S


Tiago Ferreira

Illustrator and Animator

Leticia Vieira

Community manager

Amanda Morais

Community manager


Bard's Tavern Member


Jonata Ribas

Gutter Cat Gang #695


Meet our partners who are helping this project reach more people.